Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lola's 83rd Birthday

It's my Lola's 83rd birthday! Today we celebrate her special day with a sumptous lunch at Luk Foo in Monumento. It was attended only by our immediate family and lola's BFF. It was not a surprise treat but she's really happy eventhough we're not complete because some of her children and grandchildren were not able to make it.
I love you Lola!!!
You don't look like you're 83 already :)


  1. yeah i agree she doesn't look like 83 years old Happy Birthday po!!! :)

  2. Peachy! Thanks :)

    Maruh! kita ko yung mga new pics mo, aba! tumaba ka nga, hehehe.... hiyang ang bakasyon ninyo dito ni hubby mo at si bibingclara :)


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