Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On our way home

I will surely miss the beautiful town of Lucban. On our way home, hubby chose the Laguna route so that we can see the other side of Laguna. We passed by the stunning town of Luisiana, I think they were celebrating their Pandan Festival that's why almost all houses were adorned with dried pandan leaves.
Decoration were mostly colorful hats.... :)

Travel from Cavinti to Pagsanjan was very long but I enjoyed the view at Cavinti. I've learned that the famous Pagsanjan Falls is actually situated in Cavinti and not in Pagsanjan. The town is rich in beautiful landscape, and Oh! I would love to go back there and try their famous rapids.

This pic was taken at Pagsanjan, Laguna...
There were lots of Bangkeros in the river :)
I think the Bangkero Festival is held every first week of March.
Looking forward for another road trip!!!

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