Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wham Burger

Last Friday afternoon, me and hubby were at The Block to look for a nice toy to be given to Jeffrey as our gift in his Recognition Day. We were able to buy a nice one that we know he'll be happy once he open it. We also scouted for a good laptop for Justine. He wants a laptop as his graduation gift and good thing we saw one at Villman store at the Annex, an MSI which hubby think is good for Justine.
Anyway, so much of my chika, hehehe... after strolling for hours in the mall, I became hungry and asked hubby to eat at Wham Burger. This is our fave burger place at The Block. Glad that this time, I have my digicam with me. Wham is just a small store that caters grilled burgers. Our fave is their Wham with Cheese. It's quite big so you'll feel very full after eating one.

Because of the limited space, their menu board is also small and the counter as well.

Wham with Cheese, fries and a pineapple juice for me.
Hubby settled for just the burger and a mineral water.
(Malapit na kasi ang hapunan, ayaw niyang magpakabusog, hehehe)

Love their fries!

Oh no! I'm craving again..... very tasty, juicy and a very filling burger...

See their limited space with limited seats also.

Inside tables I think are good for couples only.... hehehe

Wham Burger
2nd Level, The Block
SM North Edsa


  1. Fave ko ang burger dyan sa Wham Burger. Next time try nyo Peanut Butter Company! May post ako nun, check mo yung menu.

  2. Huy Peach! Sarap nga talaga burger dyan, dati sa Shangri-la pa meron di ba, buti na lang lumapit-lapit sa atin. Si Justine at Topher gustong-gusto yung mga grilled burgers. :)

  3. nothing special on their burgers. I like Army Navy, Sango, Burger Avenue, Brother's Burger or Kenny Roger's better. The fries are good though.


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