Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday or Linggo ng Palaspas

As we all know, Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Jesus' journey towards His death. I asked my son Jeffrey what is the meaning of Palm Sunday since they studied it during their last few weeks in school, he answered me and says " It commemorates the triumphant entry of Jesus in Jerusalem" I smiled at him because I'm glad that he still remember its meaning.
As we all know, the "Palaspas" (palm branch) is the famous symbol of this celebration. Living at the vicinity of our Parish church for years now, I've noticed that the same people are selling the Palaspas every year. I Can't help but asked some of them if how long had they been selling Palaspas.

This family is very familiar to my hubby because he remembers them selling and making palaspas in front of their house since he was a child. I asked the lady in white blouse and she told me that her mother is the one who pioneered in selling Palaspas in Tugatog, when her mother died, she and her siblings continued this tradition. According to her, they are residents of North Bay in Manila but goes here in Malabon every Palm Sunday.
Good thing is that you can see that they are really skilled in making Palaspas out of coconut leaves. "Sobrang sisiw" according to them. I admire their creativity in making different designs.

I'm a fan of this little kid... he made this in just a minute or 2. Pinapanood ko siya habang nagbabantay ako inside our computer shop, and I can't help but to take pictures of him holding his beautiful creation (mas maganda pa sa gawa ng mother nya, hehehe). Galing mo kid!!!

See you again next Palm Sunday guys!!!

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