Thursday, March 18, 2010

Causeway's Famous Dimsum

After learning that Jeffrey is the first honors, the kids requested to eat out at Causeway Banawe. We ordered our usual favorite "Dimsum" from the cart hehehe... I so love their chicken feet that I can eat at least 4 orders of it in just one seating. We went there at around 10:00 pm after we closed the shop. It's Jeff's and Justine's favorite Chinese restaurant too.
In this picture, you can see the expressions in Jeff's face. I think he's wondering if how are we going to consume all these.

Hehehe as if he was asking his brother.... "What do you think kuya, kaya ba natin to"?

This is my fave Chicken Feet... I've been to different Chinese restaurant
but IMHO Causeway's Chicken feet is the best!

This one is hubby's favorite Fish Head...

Justine ordered siopao, I didn't like this though... :(

What's on my plate....

Jeffrey in a winning sign... Yes! naubos naming lahat!!!

It's good to visit the place at 9:00 pm onwards because Dimsum's price
is 30% off until 12:00 midnight.


  1. sarap naman. ako din mahilig sa dimsum. di ako kumakain ng chicken feet, pero if its as good as you claim it to be, pwede kong subukan :-)


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