Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm so happy!

In the past weeks, I was not able to post entries because I became occupied in making reviewers for my son Jeffrey. I alloted most of my time guiding him in his 8 subjects, assignments and projects. It has been one of our diffucult weeks because of the 2 consecutive exams (pre-finals and finals) that he went through.
This week is the announcement of honors, most moms like me waited last Monday, yesterday and today for the result of the deliberation. It was only this afternoon that we learned the Top 5 students. I was there waiting in the parents corner near the gate and I feel the tensions running in my whole body, I know that this will be the day.... and yes! I saw Jeffrey coming out of the gate making a thumbs-up sign... he is smiling and he told me that he is the First Honors in their batch. I almost cried because of too much happiness.

Surprisingly, he got special awards too:

* Best in Civics
* Best in Reading
* Best in Language

and the most important award for me is .... "BEST IN DEPORTMENT"
It means that he behaves very well in their class that's why the deliberation committee (their teachers and high ranking school officials) gave him this award.
Because of that, he will have a free tuition fee next year. He's only request for being the number 1 is a toy that he can use when we go swimming this summer and a BLUE ( P 1,000.00)... cash hehehe.
Congratulations Jeff, we're very proud of you!


  1. wow! very good naman talaga si Jeff o! Congrats!

  2. ang galing! congratulations proud parents

  3. Dj... thank you!

    Maruh... thanks din! miss na kita ah...natuloy ba kayong umuwi nung January?

    sana ay maipagpatuloy ni Jeff ang kanyang magandang nasimulan... :)


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