Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jeff's Recognition Day

Yesterday was Jeffrey's Recognition Day. It was such a happy moment for us because he's the first honors, all his hardships were paid off. Still a boy Jeffrey already shows how diligent he is in his studies, he developed his study habit already just like his Kuya during his Laco days. Still a playful seven year old boy but he knows his limitations especially when playing computer games. One characteristic of Jeffrey that we love most is being thoughtful. I never saw or encountered a child that can equal his thoughtfulness, I'm not saying this because his my son, but he's doing this also to other people. He was chosen as Best in Deportment because of his thoughtfulness according to his teachers. We're very proud of him!

This is the newly renovated stage...

Jeff with his classmate Jade

Jeff with some top 10 students

Jeff with his classmates and their adviser Mrs. Duran

Jeff with proud Mom and Dad!


Let me here from you ...