Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sampaloc Lake

When we were in Casa San Pablo we had the chance to take a sidetrip to Sampaloc Lake. San Pablo is famous because it is known as the City of Seven Lakes, this one is very famous because it's the biggest among them and is known for its very popular legend.
I googled the legend to be more familiar with the story of this lake. Here's a short one...

According to a legend, the lake derived its name from a giant tamarind (sampalok) tree in the garden of a selfish couple who drove away a fairy disguised as a beggar asking for some fruit. Hardly an hour after the old man left, there was a thundering noise followed by the cracking of the earth. It become a colossal pit which was eventually filled with water. Henceforth, the villagers called it Lake Sampaloc

I fell inlove with this place...

You can see fish pens for the cultivation of milk fish and some variety of fishes.

What I like most about this lake is that it has a very beautiful view of Mt. Cristobal

Can't help but to take the opportunity for some photo ops... hehehehe

It was a nice experience to walk along the stretch of parks here in Sampaloc Lake.

I will always remember this trip...

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