Friday, October 1, 2010

KK's Glazed Donuts

I'm beginning to love Krispy Kreme's Glazed Donuts! Before I prefer those flavors na mas sweet and with lots of chocolates or candies on top. But when I see that hubby's not enjoying it, mas binibili na lang namin itong simple pero masarap naman palang glazed donuts nila.

and one more thing, these are free... Yehey!!!
(from the BPI credit card ng cousin ni hubby)

Grab one now!!!

Sarap talaga pag libre!!!


  1. sarap nga yan..melts in your mouth!

  2. Peach - oo nga, bakit kaya ganon tong KK? nakakahibang kainin!!!

    @ Dj - sus ikaw addict dito? ba't ang sexy mo pa din? san mo nilalabas ang mga calories intake mo? hehehe...

  3. i think it's citibank, not bpi :) we got a freebie 2 weeks ago too!

  4. Sarap yan lambot kasi! Buti pa kayo nakalibre!

  5. favorite! favorite! ko ang donuts hmmm... you made me crave for it!!! :)


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