Friday, October 8, 2010

A Year Older!

Two days ago was my 34th birthday... friends on FB greeted me that day. I was overwhelmed because there's a lot of friends who greeted me that day and even on my cellphone. Got a gift from my two boys... A yellow cap! I really really love the words embroidered on it....

Kaya pala Jeff was asking me to open my cabinet, kaso hindi ko na-gets na may gift pala sila sa akin and I just continued encoding my typing jobs for that day. Naalala ko na lang bandang afternoon na and I saw this cute yellow cap. It's more special kasi may nakasulat palang handwritten letters both sides :)

See? How sweet my little Jeffrey is :)

and Justine too...
He was the one who bought the cap and asked Jeffrey to
write a message on the cap.

Oh, I just love them both so much!!!


  1. Uy gurl!!! happy happy birthday!!! isa ka din palang octoberian wishing u more older hehehe este more bdays to come!!! and wishing that all your wishes come true. utang muna regalo hehe hugs :)

  2. Happy Birthday,Rizza! May God continue to shower you with more blessings!

  3. Belated Happy birthday!! So sweet naman ng mga anak mo!

  4. Belated hapi birtdey momi!!!!

  5. sweet!!! belated happy birthday rizza !!!

  6. mga friends, thanks you sa greetings...hehehe...Peach, Dj, Anney, Rome...kailan tayo magme-merienda sa Nelia's?


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