Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Century Corned Tuna

Have you tried the new Century Corned Tuna? I really love this new addition to the family of my fave Tuna in can. I just sauted it in onions (lots of it) then I put fried garlic on top (just like in the commercial)... Sarap niya with hot pandesal or fried rice kapag morning ko siya niluluto.

I don't have any intention to taste the San Marino Corned Tuna (not because I don't like M.R. and D.D.) but in some of the forums that Ive read... hindi daw ito masarap...:(


  1. ay naku, itong tatay ko nagpabili nung San Marino. Di naman nya nagustuhan.

  2. being a tuna fan, i welcome the new corned tuna from century. mas marami nang choices kaya okay kahit araw arawin :) btw, thanks for sharing, sinubukan ko rin na damihan ung onions at masarap nga

  3. Hi jenna! thanks for visiting my blog :)
    Sorry ha, medyo late and reply :(

  4. Hi there,

    I agree with your post. Century makes the healthiest corned tuna and the taste is so good. I tried it sa tuna pasta and my friends loved it and after I explained the nutritive advantage of Century, they had a change of heart. Thanks for sharing this. :)


  5. century tuna is kinda malansa... i like 555 chili corned tuna better!


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