Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!

Cute cake from red Ribbon!
(I didn't bought it..... because my sons don't like caramel flavor)

Happy Grandparents Day to all the grandmas and grandpas in the world! It's nice to celebrate grandparents day because we were given a chance to give thanks for all the love and care that our parents gives to our children. I want to take this opportunity to thank "Yeye" or "Ma" to my children because she's always there for us in good times and bad times. She's our mentor in this chaotic world, she's always there to guide us, especially when we were a young couple then. Yeye is a very loving, compassionate and a very religious person. She takes care of "us" not only my children. This day is for her!

I took this pic a while ago... Yeye with Jeffrey

This is my sexy slim mom ( i can't find a bigger pic....sorry )

Eventhough my mom is not here, I know and I feel her love for my children. Whenever she would call, she always asked about her two grandsons if they needed something especially in school. I remember how worried she was when i have yet receive the Graphic Calculator that she sent for Justine (quite expensive calcu). I can say that I'm lucky because I have her as my mom. She's very simple, a true friend at higit sa lahat hindi mayabang....napakasimple ng mommy kong ito....kaya nga idol ko siya at gusto ko ring matawag na simplemom....hehehe.

Happy Grandparents Day!!!

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