Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Quarter Grades ni Jeff

I feel proud and happy!

This morning I was in La Consolacion to get the report card of my son Jeffrey. A little bit nervous because I don't know what will be the outcome of our hardships in the past few months. I'm very happy to see that he got high grades in all his subjects. All our efforts were paid off and we're very proud of him. The adviser explained that co-curricular activities are all line 0f 8 to all students because the days (Friday) of the co-curricular were affected by the suspension of classes and holidays in the past weeks. Tomorrow will be the Convocation of Honors and i'm keeping my fingers cross if he'll be one of the honors this first quarter. He's in the cream section so I don't know what are the grades of some of his classmates, maybe their grades are high too. But I told my son that even he'll not be included in the honors, it's ok for us because he did his best in the first quarter.

Tomorrow is Justine's turn... if it will not rain (hopefully), the top students for the first grading will be announce in their school ground.

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