Tuesday, August 25, 2009

San Guillermo Parish - Bacolor Pampanga

The Old San Guillermo Parish Church

After leaving my BFF's house in Mexico, Pampanga, we headed to Bacolor to visit its now famous San Guillermo Parish Church, not only because it is known to be the half buried church in Pampanga but because of the Teleseryeng "May Bukas Pa" topbilled by the smart little boy Zaijan Jaranilla. I already saw this Church last April when I joined our Parish Church 2nd Pilgrimage but my hubby and our two kids wanted to see it for themselves that's why we had a sidetrip in Bacolor.
As you can see, the church main door was the old window of the Old San Guillermo Parish Church, before it was submerged into Lahar in 1995.

Old pics from the little museum.

My three boys couldn't help but admire the beauty of the Church. They even requested for a picture taking in front of the parish.

Jeffrey was looking for Santino, hehehe.... but it's not their taping day when we got there.


  1. malaki maganda pa!!!!!!! ü

  2. ...yEah...
    ...tHat cHurCh iS s0 bEaUtiFul.
    ...gRabE wAh aQung mXbe...

  3. Thanks for posting the old photo--would you know the approximate date it might have been taken and provenance (the source of the photo)? I'd appreciate the information. I'm a retired academic and currently writing a paper on heritage conservation in Pampanga. I'm part Kapampangan--my grandmother (Cayanan) was born in Betis. Pls email me at quibuyen01@yahoo.com or quibuyen07@gmail.com
    Dakal pung salamat, Floro C. Quibuyen

  4. Sorry, I inadvertently used the google account of my daughter. Thanks again, Floro Quibuyen

  5. mhayyalicious /....Saturday, November 27, 2010

    .oh !!really..thats nice..i know that the church was half of the original size..but i don't actually know that the may bukas pa was taken there..thanks foe the idea !!


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