Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bonding with Jeffrey, HP7 Part 2 and a Playdate too!

Yesterday was Jeffrey's last day of exam, so even if i'm not feeling well yesterday I decided to treat him for being good and patient while we were reviewing his notes before and during his exams days. I am very happy for we are blessed with sons (Justine and Jeff) who are very diligent when it comes to their studies. I could not ask for more, they always give their best!

After lunch me and Jeffrey went to SM North to watch the part two of Harry Potter's The Deathly Hollows. Before buying our tickets, we strolled first and look for some things inside the department store. I asked Jeff if he wanted to buy some bread at Beadtalk but he declined, he just wanted a big tumbler of popcorn to munch on inside the cinema. While watching the movie, he kept on asking me about the characters in the movie ( it's his first time to watch a HP movie) he seems very curious about the wizarding world. Good thing is that I know all the characters in the book and in the movie of course so I willingly answer all his questions :) After the movie, he asked me if we could eat at his favorite burger house (Wham Burger)and I said "of course my dear" I ordered our usual favorite which is Wham Burger with Cheese, Fries and his fave soda... Royal!

See how happy he was enjoying his fave burger :)

Well, it was like hitting two birds with one stone yesterday. I treated Jeff and I treated myself too! I've been wanting to watch HP 7 Part 2 since the opening day but I couldn't because I was busy making reviewers for Jeffrey. I'm super excited and sad at the same time for I know that this is the last installment of the HP movies. I've come to love the characters especially the trio :) Anyway, I know that they'll be remembered for they made history! Congrats to JK Rowling for writing such great books and congrats to all who were involved in all the HP movies!!!

While on our way home, I remember that my friend Cheryl Diaz invited me too attend an event organized by them. It's called Mommy Rs (Relax, Rekindle, Rave and Reward) it's actually a "playdate" for moms and their kids. I'm sure there will be lots of fun here and what I like most is that there will be another bonding moment for me and Jeffrey. Bonus is that, I'm sure we can meet new friends, moms like me and new playmates for Jeffrey too! He can interact freely to children of his age by playing and joining different activities. I'm so excited and looking forward to this event.

How about you? Do you want to attend this event too? Well, check this out for details ;)

See you there!!!


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