Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Park 'N Fly Service

Two weeks ago, me and hubby went for a three-day break in Cebu and Bohol. Our flight schedule was 4:30 am so we had to leave our home at around 1:30 am to allot 2 hours for check-in prior to the flight. Since waiting for a taxi cab in the wee hour of the morning in our area is very difficult, we decided to get the service of Park 'N Fly located at Ptt gas station in cor of Mia Road and Domestic Road.

I liked their service, because all you have to do is leave your car there, and they will drive your car in their carpark area.

You'll need to register in this area and fill out an information sheet. They will ask of course for your ID's and some car documents such as a photocopy of your OR and CR. Then, they'll give you a stub wherein you have to present it upon claiming your car.

You don't need to pay immediately. They will compute the hours of the stay of the vehicle. It's P380.00 for the first 24 hours and P16.00 per succeeding hours. We paid a total of P 1,142 for the 3 day stay of our vehicle.

They are open 24 hours ...

When we were there, I've noticed lots of customers were availing their service too.

No worries because they have a free shuttle service to the airport upon your departure and arrival. So next time, try not to worry anymore if no one will drive you in the wee hours of the morning because there's Park 'N Fly, just leave your car there and they'll take care of it ;)


  1. We tried this Park & Fly couple of times when we went to Hongkong, Bangkok & Guam. Hassle Free talaga para wala na hatid sundo :-)

  2. nasan na nga pala ang Bohol photos???

  3. @ Peach...i'll post it maybe next week :( super busy with jef's new schedule :)

    @ Cie... super convenient and park n fly, we'll try to get their service again :)


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