Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cinnabon and me

I am a big fan of cinnamon rolls! After college, my good friend (who was hired at Cinnabon) introduced me to the world of cinnamon rolls. I, who was hired then at a famous coffee shop did not even try our own cinnamon swirl, hehehe ... I am so much addicted to Cinnabon only! Hubby and our eldest son love it too, every payday expect that I always have a box of cinnamon rolls for them :)

But six years ago, my hubby was diagnosed to have a diabetes ... and so, much had been change with our eating habits. Preventing almost all our favorite cakes, sweet breads and the likes. Would you believe that after all those years, I only had the chance to eat one at the airport! Our flight schedule is 5:00 in the morning so we were at the terminal at exactly 3:00 am. I felt hungry while waiting so I asked hubby if we can look around for something to eat. Alas! theres a small Cinnabon store inside the terminal. I first asked for the approval of my hubby if it's okay to buy a cinnamon roll, since he's now a healthy diabetic (controlled blood sugar) he allowed me to buy one for us to share and a Cafe Latte too. Yiheee!!!

I tell you, the smell of this bread drives me crazy... I super love it when it is very warm... Before eating it, I closed my eyes and smile... it was like reconnecting to an old friend... a very dear friend.

It was then that I realized.....

How I terribly miss you ... my Cinnabon!

Me at 3:00 in the morning :)

It's nice to be back!!!


  1. I love Cinnabon too.. I usally order chocobon or cinnabon stix! :D

    actually anything cinnamon-flavored appeals to me :D


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