Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our first time in Cebu!

Yes, you read it right folks, it was our first time to visit the queen city of the south. Me and hubby had the chance to explore Cebu City in one and a half day, hahaha! The experience is awesome that we wanted to go back with our kids next time.

So many stories to tell about our quick Cebu trip. But for now just a glimpse of our hectic day in Cebu.

The Marcelo Fernan Bridge

This 1.2 km bridge was named after one of the famous political figure in Cebu, Sen. Marcelo B. Fernan. I remember my grandfather says lots of good things about this man. Maybe he's such a great man that's why this bridge was named after him. This bridge connect the islands of Mactan and Cebu City.

More entries coming.... enjoy reading :)


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