Sunday, November 1, 2009

A simple lunch for Yeye's Birthday

The birthday of Yeye yesterday was celebrated with a simple lunch. We always joke her about her birthday because one day na lang and it's November 1 na. Kaya nga it's been a habit of our close relatives to visit our departed loved ones in Tugatog Cemetery every 31st day of October and not November 1st, one of the main reasons is that its Yeye's Birthday. We always prepare special lunch for them.
As usual, the favorite Lechon na Liempo sa Pugon

Veggies for Kare-Kare

Pata ng baka at iba't-ibang lamang loob.
(My fave was the manzanilla and the bituka)

Hindi ito complete without my Lola's Bagoong

I made a vinegar with soysauce, onions and sliced chilli

Chopped na yung liempo...

Hubby ordered a fish salad in one of his friend
(Super laki nito!)

Well, that's it!

For dessert, hubby bought leche flan @ Salas in Raja Bago.

sawsawan....mamili na kayo!

Si Tatay Ten (brother of Yeye) ang unang bisita...

Sisters - Madel and Zemirah Moriz


  1. ano yang fish salad? -jaderoswell


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