Friday, November 13, 2009


The other day, hubby and Jeff went to Binondo to buy our monthly supplies here in our shop. My son Jeff was a hopia and tikoy fanatic that's why when they were near the Binondo Church hubby decided to buy his favorite hopia and tikoy at Eng Bee Tin. He doesn't want the flavored tikoy just the plain one.
Tikoy is a very famous give-away during Chinese New Year. During this season we always anticipate our Chinese friends to give us a box or two, hehehe. The tikoy is made up of ground glutinous rice flour, lard, water, sugar and wheat starch. I think the type of sugar that is used in making tikoy determines its color.

The packaging of Eng Bee Tin's Tikoy is very attractive.

The inside package was evidently clean.

The only way I know how to cook this is by dipping it in eggs and then fry it. I usually cut my tikoy in triangular shape and serve it this way. Jeff loves to eat his tikoy with sugar and creamy Alaska evaporated milk poured on it.

Do you like tikoy also?


  1. Hello rizza
    yes i like tikoy also lalo na yung ube flavor sarap talaga! welll, sa plain tikoy naman masubukan nga ding lagyan ng gatas mas lalong masarap yum yum!!

  2. i don;t eat he one that's dipped in egg & fried. I only like the ready to eat ones they sell in eng bee tin.. the one with peanut or red bean filling :P


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