Sunday, January 9, 2011

Media Noche

Okay, I won't explain why I was not able to post this after new year... hehehe... You already know the reasons... I'm busy with lots of things, and also I promise to myself that I will refrain myself from blogging :( Why? Well... I wanna lose weight! I know I can't do that seriously but I will gradually decrease from eating outside from now on... Hahaha!

Anyway, here are the pics of our Media Noche feast!

13 kinds of fruits...

They say that it brings luck for the coming year!

Oh! We have visitors :)

It's Ate Bengs family... They had their dinner here on the 31st and hubby cooked spareribs caldereta and I bought 2 pcs. Rellenong Bangus at Dolor's as requested by Ate Beng :) Fave din kasi nila ito.

Slow cooked Spareribs Caldereta!
Ang Sarap!!!

Dolor's Rellenong Bangus
@ P 320.00 each

After dinner, ay umalis na sila ate Beng and we prepared our table for our Media Noche. We had...

Panettone... an Italian Cake
It's smells like a fruit cake and the bread is like that of a raisin bread...

had Pork BBQ on stick...

Creamy Sopas of hubby

Dolor's Kakanin

Ube Halaya and Cassava
from a friend...

Vegetable salad ...

Buco Salad

Sylvannas from Ate beng :)

Here's our Media Noche :)

Enjoying the end of 2010 :)

Wish to have more success this 2011!


  1. sarap! :D nag-crave ako ng kakanin bigla... :D

  2. i lurv the caldereta. share recipe

  3. Caldereta is one of my faves!thumbs up to Topher for the food arrangements! Love the tomato flower!

  4. @ Pink, sarap ng Dolor's Kakanin :)

    @Rome, sige, post ko dito pag natanong ko na si hubby :)

    @ Peach, baku pinuri mo si topher, baka karerin nya ang pagandahin ang pagkain namin :)

  5. Favorite ni mader ang panettone pero ang gusto nya e yung galing sa London. Kaya ang tita ko na nasa London di nakakalimot magpadala ng panettone. mahal pala ng relleno sa dolors. may binibilhan kami masarap din sa may bayan 150 lang. Ma try nga minsan ang relyeno ng dolors.

  6. nice family photos riz! wow ang dameng handa! talagang mapapasabak sa pagkain. i miss kakanin ng dolors wow! gusto ko yang kaldereta makapag luto nga next time hehehe pannetone nku favorite yan ng father ko tas yung ube naku ang sarap! sarap ginutom mo naman ako sa post mo nku pano ba tayo papayat nyan hehehe :)


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