Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Afternoon Bonding at Taal Vista

After our brief adventure in Nuvali, we went straight to Tagaytay. On our way there, we asked the kids if they want to go to Picnic Grove and try the zip line or go to Calaruega and stay there until late afternoon. They chose Calaruega over Picnic Grove so the latter is out on our list already. Thank God because there's a heavy traffic along the route going to Picnic Grove...almost all cars are heading that way. Before the junction, we again experienced a moderate traffic so I told the boys that instead of Calaruega, we'll just have to settle at Taal Vista and stay there till 6:00 pm.

I remember my first time to be here... It was our hotel familiarization tour 13 years ago and I was still a student then at LCC taking up HRM. I fell inlove with this hotel and promised to be back someday...

The facade of Taal Vista Hotel

Hahaha!!! I took a picture of them here before entering the hotel.

What I love about this hotel is that they have a magnificent view of the lake and the famous Taal volcano, in fact even better than the view at Picnic Grove and the place is not too crowded.

at the hotel lobby

good thing was... I brought this Sponge Bob table cloth :)

My youngest son Jeffrey really enjoyed his stay here...

We spend four hours here, it's a great feeling and we all felt good!

Bonding time of Justine and Jeff :)

And because it's super cold that afternoon we ended up ordering coffee at the hotel's coffee shop.

I, Justine, Jeff and Yeye had Cafe Mocha
Grabe! Hindi makuhang umiinit ng husto ng coffee :)

Hubby preferred the Brewed one...

He liked it :)

Hayyy... binata na ang anak ko :)

My husband ...

The fire place is cute :)

Hope for another bonding moment like this :)

The parking fee is P 100.00 per hour. We stayed for 4 hours but paid nothing at the exit... good thing was, Justine noticed that..... hahaha!!! Whoa! It's a secret that I opt not to reveal :)


  1. ay nakalibre heheeh bakit ala bang ticket ng parking pag pumasok? ok yan holiday naman eh so lang bayad. what a nice family bonding to a wonderful place! ohhh i missed going to tagaytay the last time was 2007 kung saan ako ay napabili ng maraming pinya at nabaliw sa colets buko pie hehehe :)

  2. i been there too. ganda jan!


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