Thursday, January 13, 2011

End of my craving :)

Yes! My craving for Good Shepherd ube jam and Romana's peanut brittle has ended. Kuya was here yesterday morning and gave me my "bilin". I'm glad na sinipag siyang mag-drive papuntang Baguio, it's two hours away from their place in Pangasinan. They just went there to have picnic and stroll for a day just like we did in Tagaytay.
Anyway, my most favorite peanut brittle is Romana. Super sarap nito among other brittles that is available in Baguio. I don't buy the yellow peanut brittle, because it's too sweet and you can't bite the nuts unlike the Romana brand.

Are you a fan of Romana too?

When it comes to ube jam, of course the one from
Good Shepherd is the best for me!

I really, really, really like it!

Gosh... heaven is my feeling for 3 days...
(ubos na ito bukas for sure!)

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