Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Excelente and Tillamook

Breakfast on Christmas day wouldn't be complete without these two. Justine was the one who bought this last last Dec. 23 and became impatient because it's his first time to buy it alone and according to him, there's a lot of people inside the Excelente store in Quiapo. I don't know how to make ham that's why we just buy cooked ham in excelente as well as the bacon.

Pardon me for the blurred pic. Sobrang full pa ang feeling ko kaya konti lang muna ang niluto ko for breakfast. Eh may natira pang pizza nung gabi kaya kinain namin for breakfast yung iba.

This cheese naman was may favorite for the last 4 years now. Since mom came here for a vacation and she brought home a bar of this Tllamook, I got hooked since then. Thank God that this Christmas, it was a pasalubong for me by my Tita Lita. She asked my mom what I want as pasalubong and she just said that just buy Rizza a Tillamook cheese and I'm sure she'll be very glad. Well mom, super glad talaga ako because Tita Lita gave me 2 bars of this cheese.

Just what it says in the packaging... super sharp ng cheese na ito at talong-talo ang lasa ng Marca PiƱa at
Marca Pato na keso de bola dito sa atin.

In fairness, wala siyang mabahong amoy, hehehe...
unlike other cheese na hindi mo makain dahil sa baho!

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