Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Dinner

My hubby and I went to SM Hypermarket on the morning of the 24th and bought the ingredients of the food that he's going to cook on Christmas day. We always had our visitor at dinner time so he decided to cook something special for them.
Here's what we have:

He really cooked all of these! Ako naman ay support lang talaga at si Yeye, kami ang taga hiwa, at taga tikim, hehehe... at taga-tanong kung okay ka pa ba? hahaha!!!!

Specialty talaga ni hubby ang pancit, mapa canton or bihon talagang masarap po! Kaya tuloy yung mga teachers ni Justine sa school ay laging request ang pansit ng daddy niya at hindi ng mommy niya, wahehehehe...
Blue Marlin marinated in lemon and some spices and then fried in Anchor butter topped with fried garlic...
Masarap siya and this was a hit sa mga health conscious naming bisita!

Love this Pork Loin Steak!
He attended in one of the Joggers Christmas Party and he told me that the taste was so good and so he decided to include this in our menu.

Breaded Chicken Fillet was a kids favorite!
Super crunchy ng breading but still juicy inisde.
(At naisipan pa niyang lagyan ng garnishing yan...
panalo si hubby, wala akong masabi!)

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