Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miguelito's Fried Ice Cream

Uy! There's a new food cart in Malabon City Square. It's creating a buzz in the area because it's quite new for some people (pero actually matagal na itong concept na ito), that's why if you happen to be in the area you'll notice that their stall is the busiest among all the stall near the supermarket.
I've heard about Miguelito's for quite sometime now for they are famous because of their soft ice cream that is very cheap, but I'm still surprised that they ventured into fried ice cream too. It's first in Malabon I think that's why people in the vicinity is really curious about seeing the blended flavored liquid (yeah, they use little blenders) fried on a freezing pan, yes, they are not really frying it because they are freezing the mixture.

pink and blue stall (MMDA? noh!!!)

See? frying the ice cream by means of freezing...

You can customize your fried ice cream :)

The flavors...

The syrups, dips, stix and sprinkles...

I was surprised to find the taste good, it's creamy and it satisfied
my craving for a good ice cream that day :)

My FIC 4 Loaded for P 40.00 only...

If you're near MCS, try the latest craze in town
Miguelito's Fried Ice Cream :)


  1. I first tried it in megamall Food court, a year ago. Parang di ko naman sya feel..

  2. Naku hindi a year ago yun. Baka mga 2 years ago na yun sis!

  3. Hindi masarap yan fried ice cream, lasang ewan, sayang lang 25 pesos mo. don't even try that better buy yung selecta ice cream na tig 10 pesos.

  4. bat ganun? 'yung nakain ko lasang gas! :(

  5. Its very delicious but most of all is very affordable! Must try.


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