Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jeff and Justine's reward

As promised to my youngest son Jeffrey and Kuya Justine, we treat them for some Dimsum at our favorite dimsum house...Causeway! Jeffrey got high grades in 2nd grading and Justine is a university scholar because of his high grades also. So it was a double celebration for us. Actually we go there after closing the shop at 10:00 pm. During that time super puno ang loob ng Causeway, madalas ay waiting kami, but it's okay bawi naman pag nakapasok na ;)

One of the reasons why they are full from 9:00 pm onwards is because all dimsums are discounted from P60.00 to P 45.00 each.

This is the cart the everybody's waiting for...
you'll just get what you want and the waiter will stamp your order slip.

People are patiently waiting for the cart...hehehe

dami talaga ng tao... mostly from the Chinese community

Yehey!!! 1st round of dimsum...
Chicken Asado Roll, Asado Siopao and Fish Head
Kaso we were sad because naubusan kami ng Chicken Feet :(

First time to order, Chicken Asado Roll
My three boys like it...

Nagpakabusog na lang ako sa Siomai!
Enjoy ang mga kids namin :)
Hope next time...may maabutan pa kaming chicken feet!


  1. Next time tayo-tayo nila anney and rome!

  2. sige peach!!! ganito na lang, pag pupunta kami ni topher, i-schedule natin para sabay sabay tayo :)

  3. san toh? malapit lang ba to sa the land of the the rising water, navotas???

  4. Talagang tinawag akong anney ng kapatid ko ha e binuking na nga nya sayo real name ko! Poponggay Ponggay nga diba? nyahahaha! Talino naman ng mga anak mo! Kanino ba nagmana?


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